Ticker Symbol

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Ticker symbol is a unique combination of letters (and sometimes numbers) used to shorten the name of a stock or cryptocurrency. An example is “BTC” for Bitcoin.

Tickers make writing and reading huge lists of crypto or stock quicker. Instead of reading a long name like “MaidSafeCoin”, you can read 3-4 short letters, “MAID”.

Tickers are also useful when differentiating between two cryptocurrencies with a similar name. For example, there is Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), two completely different cryptocurrencies.

Here are some more examples of tickers:

  • Litecoin’s ticker is “LTC”
  • Ethereum’s ticker is “ETH”
  • Monero’s ticker is “XMR”


  • Apple’s ticker is “AAPL”
  • Amazon’s ticker is “AMZN”
  • Microsoft’s ticker is “MSFT”

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