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Top Facts and Figures

  • Decryptionary was first created around October 2017.
  • “Decryptionary” is a blend word I coined. It is a blend of “decrypt” (the process of making a coded or unclear message understandable) and “dictionary”.
  • I released Decryptionary with only 100 definitions at dozens of crypto Meetups in NYC. The feedback was astoundingly positive with nearly 90% of the individuals asking for more information and a link.
  • Decryptionary rapidly gained popularity through guerilla marketing tactics on Reddit.
  • Decryptionary went viral in the Litecoin subreddit.
  • Used, mentioned, and linked by the Youtube star, Shameless Maya on December of 2017.
  • Began collaborating with Matthew Aaron of the Crypto101 Podcast in December of 2017.
  • Recognized in August 2018 by Upfolio as a Top 100 Blockchain Influencer.
  • Now features nearly 400 definitions, many with ridiculous stick-figure images.


Quote Me

There are only 2 reasons why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology aren’t in widespread use right now:

  1. The technology is not user-friendly—do you remember the slow Internet of the 90s? When we got DSL, the Internet boomed!
  2. The technology and words are not understood—very few people understand what “blockchain” is, who Satoshi is and how he relates to Bitcoin let alone the other hundreds of words, phrases, and abbreviations.

The purpose of Decryptionary.com is to make Bitcoin and blockchain terms simple, knowable so anyone can understand it.