Mission Statement

To promote and publicize cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by providing the simplest of explanations for the subjects and their terms.

In other words, Crypto Made Simple.

What does “Decryptionary” mean?

Decryptionary is a contraction or joining of two words, they are “decrypt” and “dictionary“.

Decrypt is the opposite of encrypt.

  • Encrypt means to hide a message by making impossible to understand.
  • Decrypt means you are taking an unreadable message and making it clear or understandable.

So, Decryptionary is a very simple dictionary that makes the subject of cryptocurrency and blockchain understandable.

Why are you doing this?

The words used in articles, websites and in forums to describe and share cryptocurrencies have become littered with confusing words. As I began to study different cryptocurrencies and dive into the subject I got lost in the terms.

I decided to pull myself out by researching all of the common terms I came across. I wanted to put it into a spreadsheet and share that with a couple of friends who were also trading crypto. They thought it was a great idea and I decided to turn it into a legitimate website.

Each definition in Decryptionary was designed to be simple and easy to understand on its own. You should not have to dig into other dictionaries to understand an entry in Decryptionary. If you are running into this problem, please write to me with the entries and I’ll do my best to fix it up ASAP!

What makes Decryptionary special?

Most dictionaries and financial websites are conservative and focus on theories. To stand apart from the rest, Decryptionary includes stick-figure illustrations. These stick-figures aren’t sexy, and they aren’t beautiful. But so long as they improve your understanding of each entry, then they are doing their job. Eventually, every entry will have a stick-figure illustration.

In case you were wondering, my stick-figures drawings were inspired by the great website, WaitButWhy.com

Additionally, Decryptionary will contain a handful of walkthroughs to introduce different subjects and parts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These are found in What Is Cryptocurrency.

It also contains word lists to help you understand the key terms used by different areas such as:


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