This roadmap tells you about the upgrades and updates planned for Decryptonary.

Course Content

Create 2-3 courses that teach students more about crypto in detail.

Shop Page

Make courses, merchandise and other products available for purchase

2-3 More Walkthroughs

Create 2-3 more walkthroughs on security and preservation as well as understanding ICOs

Optimize Site Speed

Using tests and other tools, optimize site speed.

Share in Facebook Groups

Go through 10-15 Facebook groups and share Decryptionary in a post. Search through the groups and answer questions while linking back.

Share in

Search through bitcointalk and answer questions while linking back.

Create Advertisements

Create advertisements on every page and dictionary entry to support the initial costs and planned development of Decryptionary.

Share in

Search through stackoverflow and answer questions while linking back.

Create a GoFundMe

Create a GoFundMe to raise enough money to reimburse Dani for Decryptionary and raise enough for a new logo, and to hire our dev, Vishal to upgrade the website.

Reach Out to Influencers

Reach out to influencers in the crypto space and ask them for feedback on Decryptionary and to share it with their network.

Grow Decryptionary Content

Add drawings and example sentences to each entry.

Expand Ad Revenue

Reach out to ICOs to get sponsorship.

Further Improve Site Speed

Pay for a CDN to improve site speed with regards to the images.

And then?

Where do we go next? I’d appreciate your feedback.