How NFT Cypherpunks Help Holders Get Richer

Non-fungible tokens have become one of the most popular investment assets. Collectors and gamers massively bought up NFTs in the hope of reselling them at a higher price or using them in the metaverse or as a tool of preferences included in the mechanisms of the project’s functioning. The development of the Play-2-Earn sector has expanded the scope of tokens, which can now be used as avatars or attributes in computer games. In addition, some NFTs can generate good returns through secondary sales. How non-fungible tokens are used today and whether collectible pictures have a future, we will consider the example of Cypherpunks.

NFT with history is always more valuable

The first NFTs were created back in 2017. It was at this moment that crypto-kitties and crypto-sharks appeared on the market, which was too primitive in their execution and game mechanics. In 2018, the idea of ​​creating Cypherpunks came up. The creators wanted to tell users about crypto encryption in an accessible form. But at that time it was something unusual and difficult for the average man in the street. Now it is a whole industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain with its own history.

Today, the original Cypherpunk collection has 30 unique NFTs traded on the OpenSea marketplace. Every week the issuing company releases a new unique cypherpunk, the price of which rises proportionally from lower to higher. The last cypherpunk issued was sold for 6.15 ETH, which is more than 27,000 dollars.

The developers explain the success of the Cypherpunks collection by the presence of historical context, as well as the limited number of copies.

“We have deliberately released a very limited collection of Cypherpunks to bring token holders to true digital art connoisseurs. The cost of NFT will gradually increase as the project develops”, comments founder M. Kubrick.

NFT for Play-2-Earn games

This winter, the company will release two more collections of NFT tokens that will be used in the new Play-2-Earn game, which is scheduled to launch in 2022.

“The new collections will include 3000 NFT and 30,000 NFT. In addition to being linked to the pool and blockchain, they will be used to participate in the Play-2-Earn game, which we will launch next year”, says M. Kubrick.

Cyhperpunk 30 NFT eligible to generate nodes on the blockchain, one of the last stages and most ambitious goals of the project.

Cypherpunk: rebels has 3,000 tokens. The sale of the NFT collection starts on December 15th. The owners are directly involved with the functional collection in the “Devouring pool”. Inclusion in the “founder’s bonus” pool at the stage of node formation.

Сypherpunk: anarchist has 30,000 tokens. Each user will be included in the “conceptualist” pool at the stage of forming the network of nodes.

Each NFT will be a unique character in the game, with a ranking system depending on the rarity of the collection.

In December, the company will start selling NFTs from the Cypherpunk: rebels collection. Therefore, today users can register in the white list and receive special conditions for the purchase of NFT.

The stablecoins that are changing the world of finance

In addition, the issuing company plans to issue its own stablecoin, which will “reflect the level of user confidence in the traditional financial system.”

“We can accurately measure and track how and at what rate the US dollar loses its initial value relative to itself. After all, the value is trust in the current government and the US economy. If now we see (take figurative values) that confidence in the dollar is equal to 100 units, then with the same certainty we can say that the value of 110 is 10% more, the advance of 10% is an understandable advance, but there is a simple conclusion that it is higher than 100 % of the advance is already forced connivance. The advance payment of 100% was passed a long time ago, we give one more chance and start the countdown over again”, commented M. Kubrick.

Algorithmic stablecoin based on the Reverse USD index.

USDR is a token whose price is the expression of the Reverse USD index. A person issuing USDR from USDT receives the number of tokens corresponding to the index coefficient, for example, if the index reflected a 10% drop in the value of USD, this means that the rate became 1 USDT to 0.9 USDR, but with the reverse exchange at the same moment, 0.9 USDR will be changed to 1 USDT. The pool is closed within the USDT-USDR exchange, the usual dollars will always be available for withdrawal. The amount of USDT that provides USDR will always provide an equivalent exchange in the opposite direction, and if a person puts 1 USDT into the pool, he will receive 1 USDT back, even if the USDR rate is $0.1.

The CexToDex index will reflect the process of transition of the outdated centralized financial system to the new one – decentralized.

This index has a numerical value, the ratio is representing the total value of values ​​in two areas denominated in dollar values. Fiat currencies and derivatives are valued essentially in themselves or in the base currency of the US dollar. This indicator has an understandable nature and its growth is commensurate with the progress and general development of human society. There is also a process, the essence of which is partially described in the information accompanying the Reverse USD index can be described as an uncontrolled process of devaluation of common values ​​due to the devaluation of the currency in which almost everything in our world is now denominated. We will change this approach.

More information on how USDT-USDR works, games in the cypherpunk universe, and the future of blockchain can be found on the website and on social media networks of the project.


The creation and popularization of NFT are indeed changing the traditional finance market significantly. Non-fungible tokens are becoming not only digital collectibles but also used in the Play-2-Earn gaming sector. The widespread use of NFT allows users to profit not only from secondary sales but also through integration into the functional mechanisms of projects, such as games.

EverGrow Coin And HUH Token – Wealth Generating Tokens With High Demand

EverGrow Coin (EGC) and HUH Token continue to release information regarding their projects and future plans. This has resulted in an increase in attention for both cryptocurrencies. EverGrow Coin has already shown many positive traits from its presale and reward systems. HUH Token is only offering its presale for another few days, and then it will be available to the public. The presale price could be the best opportunity to buy the token.

Seven weeks after its debut, EverGrow Coin has surpassed several prior records in the crypto world. More than $27 million in BUSD incentives were given, and EverGrow Coin now has more than 100,000 owners.

As part of a recent AMA, the EverGrow team discussed their plans to create a play-to-earn game on the NFT Marketplace. A decentralised NFT lending platform and Staking Pool are being added to ensure token values are backed by the Ecosystem of utilities that EverGrow is developing., a subscription-based content platform, provides access to high-quality content. EverGrow tokens will once again be purchased from exchanges by developers, permanently removing them from the circulation supply.

Token holders who buy, sell, or transfer EverGrow Coin get an additional 8% of their tokens returned to their accounts. Automated redistribution ensures that every coin holder receives their fair share according to the total number of EverGrow coins they own. Token holders will also benefit from a rise in the value of their Tokens due to the price increase on exchanges.

HUH Token has also shared some incredible features and comforting information to demonstrate that they are a reliable cryptocurrency.

HUH Token is currently under audit by Certik and have already been audited successfully by Shellboxes and Solidity Finance. The purpose behind this is to resolve any potential outstanding issues with their smart contract. This will prevent any potential issues going forward. Planning for the future is a strong indication that HUH Token is here to stay.

HUH Token is similar to EverGrow Coin in that it can also include a passive income stream. While anyone holds HUH Token, they can continue to have more of it reallocated to their wallet. This occurs because a small fee is attached to every transaction that occurs using HUH Token, this fee is then redistributed across all HUH Token Holders. Therefore, the greater the trading volume, the greater the rewards for holders. If the market price of HUH Token increases, then each token will be worth more, resulting in a massive increase in returns for those who held onto their tokens.

The second wealth-generating feature that HUH Token provides is their unique referral system that produces BNB as a reward for introducing more people to the HUH Token Community, nicknamed HUH Nation. When someone uses the referral link and make their first purchase, the person who gave them a referral code will receive 10% of that purchase as BNB. This is an exciting feature because it will result in holders generating two different crypto assets instead of one. This results in the risk of a portfolio being spread across two cryptocurrencies instead of one. If one increases in value and the other decreases, the overall value will remain safe.

EverGrow Coin and HUH Token are cryptocurrencies that have vast potential for growth in the future. Increasing wealth is a major interest for people who buy different cryptos and are hoping for returns. HUH Token is approaching the end of presale; joining this opportunity now could be the best time. They are also incentivising individuals to do so by offering 25% more tokens if buyers become involved before the end of the presale.

Follow HUH Token on their Socials before they Launch:





JEDSTAR‘s Gaming Project Is Set To Roll With KRED

JEDSTAR is pleased to update the community regarding its Gaming Project, as it is set to use their GameFi Token, Kred. As metaverse is the next evolution of both human social engagement and the boundaries that can be pushed for the possibilities for creativity and inspiration.

People already spend the majority of their lives within the digital world through regular engagement on social media apps and online video gaming just to name a couple of examples. The metaverse will take all these online social engagements to the next level in terms of merging both the digital and real world together.

We are now seeing various projects using virtual reality to make their metaverse a lot more immersive for the users as well as integrating NFTs into their model to ensure transparency of ownership of digital assets which has been missing in the AAA gaming companies business model for the past decade plus.

They will allow those who use the metaverse to truly own what they are purchasing on the marketplace within these games, allowing them to trade these among other players with the opportunity to make an income from this. Both Axie Infinity ($AXS) and The Sandbox ($SAND) are doing just that, and both have been very successful in terms of gaining a good player and investor base.

The JEDSTAR project are doing just this for their gaming project, with their GameFi token KRED. The project will have this as their in game currency for various use cases such as their NFT marketplace AGORA, CCG, MMORPG and metaverse games and in their STARDOME partnership with Skill Gaming.


JEDSTAR is a three BSC token DECO that focuses on three sectors, DeFi, GameFi and in-game governance. The first token JED, for DeFi, was released just over 3 months ago and has seen growth over that time. There are now over 5000 $JED token holders with a comparatively low market capitalisation of $33 million USD.

Now they are gearing up to run their presale for the GameFi token KRED which will have a range of use cases within the gaming sector of the project. This is a very exciting token with the partnership already formed with Skill Gaming that will see the world’s first CAAS (Currency as a Service) implemented allowing gamers to be able to swap their in-game currency for fiat when they wish to withdraw their rewards. It will also be used in their NFT marketplace AGORA, CCG and MMORPG and metaverse games.

For the CCG, you will be able to use your mobile phone to play the game and earn in-game currency through a proof of play (POP) system for casual gamers that serves as a comparison to the play to earn (P2E) system that is traditionally reserved for more serious competitive gamers.


As a further initiative for gaining KRED, the JEDSTAR team are implementing their STARSTAKING platform for JED holders to stake their tokens to be returned upto 120x in KRED rewards.

With the developments the team are planning to roll out, it aims at being a long term option that will serve as a way to generate rewards for staking JED tokens and be able to receive KRED returns.


The JEDSTAR team has already made significant partnerships with various companies with more expected to be announced as the project develops.

Their gaming partner that will develop the CCG and MMORPG are FRAG Games that have already developed AAA games for well-known clients. They have a fully professional in-house team that will develop the game from scratch rather than re-skinning characters which other game developers use to lower development costs.

Chainlink have also become partners where they will help improve cross chain interoperability for KRED as it becomes a platform agnostic currency to help broaden its uses on various blockchains. They will increase the mass adoption of KRED as it seeks to be the in-game cornerstone for the projects’ GameFi sector.

They are also partnered with Remote Control Productions who are an independent company that focuses on the production and development of entertainment software. This partnership is a key part of the project as they are working with a highly experienced and respected team in gaming.

Another one of JEDSTARs’ partners are Skill Gaming that will be paramount in the STARDOME initiative where KRED will be used on their non-crypto gaming platform as a world’s first CAAS (Currency as a Service) for gamers to easily withdraw their in-game currency into fiat (USD) currency. 

CEO, Josh G, an advocate of mass crypto-adoption and regarded as the next CZ for the decentralized gaming industry and his team develop JEDSTAR to be the market leader in GameFi and Metaverse categories.







Media contact

Company: JEDSTAR

Contact Name: Josh G

Address: Singapore



Which Crypto Ad Networks Pay the Most?

Which Crypto Ad Networks Pay the Most?

Today, webmasters have more choice than ever when it comes to crypto advertising networks, but this choice comes at a cost. Obviously, all website owners want to make as much as they can when using crypto advertising networks but calculating that profitability without testing can be tough.


So, to help make the decision on cryptocurrency advertising a little easier, we spoke to dozens of webmasters and conducted an experiment in order to uncover which crypto ad network is the best paying and boasts best tools to optimize your revenue streams.


Our experiment looks at the 3 leading crypto ad networks, which are Cointraffic, Coinzilla and Bitmedia. Each crypto ad network was tested on the same website for a 1 week period. To be precise, the banners were set up on an online crypto mining simulator. It generates quite a healthy volume of traffic per month but is incomparable to the views accumulated by renowned news publications. Therefore, it serves as a great median and gives an understanding of what both smaller and larger traffic websites can and should expect from the crypto ad networks in question.