The following is a list of some of the top cryptocurrency trader slang. Learn these terms so you can with the best of them.

While each of these terms can be found in the Decryptionary Dictionary, a short definition can also be found by putting your mouse over any word. A complete definition can be found by click on a term. I highly recommend you click on each entry so you can get a complete understanding of all these common terms.
  1. HODL
  2. FUD
  3. FOMO
  4. DYOR
  5. ATH
  6. Mooning
  7. Shilling
  8. BTFD
  9. Flippening
  10. JOMO
  11. Scamcoin
  12. Shitcoin
  13. Whales
  14. Bearwhale
  15. This Is Gentlemen
  16. Lambo
  17. Weak Hands
  18. Addy
  19. Choyna
  20. Dildo (not what you think)
  21. Rekt
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