CTRL / ART / D Agency helps Artists Develop their NFTs

CTRL_ART_D is a creative agency that navigates artists in the NFT world, assisting them with creating, distributing, and profiting from NFT content.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, continue to make headlines in the art world, allowing artists to gain unprecedented exposure and revenue. However, creators may find it difficult to understand how to use NFTs.

The CTRL / ART / D agency can reduce creators’ pain by navigating them through the NFT world and getting their work published on NFT markets. The team takes care of the technical and marketing concerns and integrates artists into the extensive network of crypto fans, increasing their exposure. Any content producer who offers visual, audio, or physical objects may ask CTRL / ART / D for help.

CTRL / ART / D provides the following services:

  • Creator verification as an NFT artist
  • Publication on the relevant NFT marketplaces
  • Marketing support (from publication strategy development to media distribution)
  • Feats with top NFT artists and auctions

CTRL / ART / D agency takes a customized approach and develops NFT strategies based on the needs and requirements of each artist.

CTRL / ART / D is live

The first drop happened on September 6th. The agency is assisting Valentyne Metyk to auction his notable artworks: Business Woman, Evolution, and Waiting as NFT on Foundation. The “Waiting” was sold for 0.25 ETH on October, 13.

The following day a lucky collector Toby Downton, Product Manager at Non Fungible Labs shared on his Twitter:I just added “Waiting” by Valentine Metyk to my collection on Foundation!”. Get to know the artist’s story and the legend behind on CTRL / ART / D blog.

Here’s a peek into the mindset of the artist and the vision behind his Energy in Color series:

What is the difference between spiritual fullness and emptiness? What is the best way to illustrate them in art? Metyk emphasizes the inner energy, which we frequently overlook or ignore. The metaphorical blue and red are two fundamental hues that indicate our internal state of mind: unpleasant feelings (red) and happy balance (blue).

Empty beings in the artist’s works frequently have ears and a mouth but no eyes. Since an eye represents consciousness and spiritual depth, the “dead race of consumers” lacks one. His personal life influences Metyk’s artistic approach. As a result, he transforms internal observations, thin energy, and spiritual upheavals into visible reflections of our personalities (or, should we assume, “souls”).

The “Evolution” by Valentine Metyk

The agency assists Metyk with his second drop called “Evolution”. The work depicts a girl and her path of decadence. While she is spinning on the wheel of Samsara, she stays hopeful of getting out. An eye represents a universal symbol of the honorable way leading to awakening. Those who value true art and can see behind pixels are invited to take part in the auction.

The “Business woman” by Valentine Metyk

CTRL_ART_D helps Valentine Metyk with his third drop called “Business Woman”.

A girl-business woman is depicted, who is responsible for the finances of their transfer and favorable conditions for her businesses. Her task is to influence the people sitting in front of her, or rather in front of men, to act with her open, sexy appearance, so that a person becomes vulnerable to her. Thus, she can transfer an inaccurate amount of money and incorrectly worded documents for a business or property that they discussed during the meeting.

For business and media inquires: info@ctrlartd.com