2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication or “2FA”, is defined as an additional layer of security requiring information that verifies the owner, and nobody else, is accessing their account.

Whether or not you have a strong password, your accounts can still be hacked. Two Factor Authentication can be the final barrier that keeps your accounts safe from hackers.

2FA, works like this:

  1. You log into an account with your username and password.
  2. The website asks you to provide a six-digit number.
  3. Your phone displays a six-digit number, valid for thirty seconds.
  4. Type it into the website and you’ve successfully logged in.

Many websites use 2FA, including Lastpass, Amazon, Facebook, Protonmail and, of course, cryptocurrency exchanges.

The two most common 2FA services are Authy, Google Authenticator and regular text messages. While all are free, I highly recommend Authy.

IMPORTANT: Text message 2FA is weak:

I would never use text messages for 2FA. That’s because there are many horror stories of phones getting hacked and their 2FA messages directed to a hacker’s phone. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to do. Instead I use the Authy application on my phone and computer. Setting up Authy fully explained in my guides.