Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Central Processing Unit, processor or CPU is defined as the brains of the computer. It makes the different parts of a computer work together.

Most CPUs are a small, black square with many tiny metal wires on the bottom side. 

The CPUs are usually what we describe when talking about computer speed. This speed, also called clock speed, is measured in gigahertz or GHz for short. If a CPU had a clock speed of 1 hertz, it could do 1 very simple task every second.

Most smartphones today have processors that measure more than 1 GHz. A 1 GHz processor can handle more than 1 billion tasks every second.

In addition to clock speed, the number of CPUs can affect the speed and power. The more CPUs a computer has, the more tasks it can process.

  • 1 CPU = Single core processor
  • 2 CPU = Dual core processor, it can handle twice as much as a single core.
  • 4 CPU = Quad core processor, it can handle twice as much as a dual core and four times as much as a single core.